The commodities market is one of the major factors for the economic development of a country and the social development of the people living in a country. This is because all the products in this market are all the basic essentials for the normal and routine living of people and hence without this market there comes a break in the life cycle of the people as well as the regular functioning of the country. From this, we get to understand that this market includes some of the basic products like rice, wheat, and others and the friction creating products like oil, petrol etc… Can anyone imagine a life without all these? Can we ever think of living without any of these? It is highly impossible for all these are some of the necessities without which life comes to a stand- still. A shortage in the supply of just one of these will also have a great impact on the routine life of a person.

The government is constantly trying to bring about changes and improvements in this market and trading for making it more effective and efficient. And one latest, recent development in this market is the addition of some new products which is expected to happen shortly in the coming future. This way the market would have a wider extension and expansion making the market more reachable and accessible and there are opportunities for more new avenues. This way the demands and supplies have a greater chance to get equalized in the future and the people of the country would get to enjoy a non-stop supply of products even before a demand arises.

So far many of us were unaware or probably not interested in this market. Now that we know about it, it is expected that all of us would realize the value and importance of even a simple commodity used in our life.